Actavis, an Icelandic company, is a global player in the development, manufacturing and distribution of generic drugs. It is one of the five largest generic-drug manufacturers in the pharmaceutical industry. In 2009, Actavis achieved sales of USD $2.1 billion.

830 pharmaceutical products on the market are Actavis'.
The company, meanwhile, has another 350 projects in its pipeline.

Actavis has 19 pharmaceutical manufacturing sites in 14 countries worldwide.

The company has three manufacturing facilities in Turkey. One has a main output of penicillin-based products in finished-dosage forms. The products serve the Turkish market.
Actavis also has a penicillin manufacturing plant based in Jakarta, Indonesia. It outputs penicillin-based products in solid oral-dosage forms. The plant is approved accordingly to the EU’s (European Union’s) GMP. Products serve the both the local and overseas markets.